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Music therapy classes for pregnant woman in the first trimester from 20th week of pregnancy are available with prior appointment. Group sessions are also administered for corporates and others. Overall three sessions are required to take musictherapy for pregnancy. Each session comprise of 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Between sessions two weeks of gap is a must. Further details will be given at the sessions.

Stress management reducing with music classes are conducted in one to one individual and also as a group for corporate sectors, semi and quasi governement employess in all segments of employment. Stress management by behavior modifications, unwarranted negative thought process, stress on account of fear are also attended to according to individual requirements.

To enhance the attentiveness and concentration in class are conducted for students in schools for all age groups till +2 stage. The classroom behavior of children in the age group of 10+ years can be modified. Quality of attention in the classroom, its outcome in the form of concentration will get enhanced.

Emotional problems, anxiety, fear and other psychosomatic problems like sleepless ness,nagging thought especially negative nature, disturbed sleep are also can be corrected with music.

Human Resource Management in the field of Time management, Knowledge management, Change management, resource development, work culture, developing apt pesonality traits with regard to profession, Organizational management / development and necessary initiatives, managing talents and nurturing the same, inculcating positive mindset toward job and business, sustained effort and motivational buildup, intellectual training in attaining the goals of the organization as a group will be given as training and also in sessions. Advisory panels will be provided for the benefit of the employees in corporate sectors. Individual area of training for each group of development will be taken up.

Music Therapy Book, The Power Of Music can be had from the office. Institutions will be given adequate concessions with bulk orders.

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