Music Therapy Courses

The Music Therapy Department conducting courses for the music therapy in the advanced levels.

ADVANCED LEVEL MUSIC THERAPY COURSE is for three semesters of six months each. First two semesters will have four theory papers. The third semester meant for project work on selectd topic/ pertaining to the area of interest, either in medical field or in educational field. Candidates choice will be considered.

1. Masters in Psychology and Masters in Classical music.
2. Masters in Physics and Masters in Classical music.
3. Doctors with strong knowledge in music will also be considered for admission.
4. Masters in Masscommunication and Masters in classical music. Any one criteria will be suffice to enrol into the course. Right candidates will be given preference for enrolling into the course.

There will be 4+4 theory papers in each semester and one project work in the third semester.

Age: Above 21 Years below 45 Years.

Course Fee: Rs.60,000/- per semester. Examination fees extra

Work Shops will be conducted for children & adults during weekends. Music therapy sessions for adults in stress management, music therapy sessions to reduce anxiety , fear , depression are also be conducted in small groups with prior appointment/ enrolment. These sessions are also be conducted to corporates for their employees.

For improvements in behavior, study habits, personality develpoments enhancing the classroom performances will be conducted. Regular workshops for adolescence children in modifying their behavior is being conducted periodically. Workshops for hyperactive children, workshops for diabetic patients are also conducted periodically.

Music Therapy camps, Personal wellness Consultation, Corporate Music Therapy sessions in stress management, Motivational Speeches,Educational-Study techniques,workshops to modify the behvaiors of children, Habits to study and perform well in classrooms.

Key Benefits: Stress Relief, Personal energy, Enhanced cognition, Physical and Mental Energy, Motivation, Pain Management and many other benefits, music as a therapeutic medium offers.

To enrol into these workshops contact through consultation form.

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