"Pleasant tunes transfer good vibrations to the atmosphere. Good music brings positive vibrations in the nerves of the listener".

Mythily Thirumalachari

Dr. Mythily Thirumalachari, a classical vocalist and music therapist, was born in an orthodox, scholars family. She hails from Tamilnadu. She started learning classical music from her child hood.

After attained a level in rendering, till date, she is under the tutelage of world celebrity, a performing phenomenon of the century, Chevalier, Padma Vibhushan, Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna. She is a performing artist and graded by the AIR.

She is a Cognitive Neuro Psychologist and Music Therapist. Dr. T. Mythily an alumnus, of the reputed Madras University, she has submitted for her Doctorate of Science (D.Sc) in her specialized area of research, Music therapy in the medical feild. She was awarded Doctoral Degree for her pioneer work in the field of Psychology and Classical Music to modify the class room behavior with children in the year 1995 April. After her Masters in Psychology from the Classic Annamalai University in the year 1988, she joined the University of Madras in the year 1989 for her doctoral studies. She has more than 50 merit certificates, for proficiency in writing, and also having half-dozen Gold Medals in her pouch.

She has conducted many workshops in her specialized field of interest. Many of her articles are published in leading journals. She is having more than 50 research papers to her credit. She is a linguist, proficient in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit, two foreign languages, French and German, besides her mother tongue Tamil and English; and holds a Siromani in Sanskrit too.

The GOI cultural department has awarded her JRF to do further research in her specialized field of interests for two years.She has been selected for the senior research fellow of GOI for two years 2005- 2007. She has applied for woman Scientist from the GOI , Ministry of Science & Technology.

She writes with both of her hands simultaneously different languages. Conducts classes for cognitive neuropsychology. She gives research guidance to students in the higher level of learning. Conducts many clinical studies with her students.

She conducts workshops for children toward modifying their behavior, with regard to studies, social interactions, interpersonal relations study techniques etc., which is a success in her credits. Regular workshops to strengthen the emtional maturity of children/ adolescents is also conducted.

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